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Vuka Skhokho

Vuka Skhokho began by working alongside the City of Johannesburg’s Department of Health`s Health Promoters, giving talks, doing plays and hosting facilitations at both the primary and high schools of the community of Alexandra and its surrounding areas.
We then assisted them at various clinics around the region assisting with the launches of the Youth Friendly Services, alongside ANOVA Health, at the respective clinics.
Vuka Skhokho also works closely with the Department of Social Development assisting in the running of school holiday programmes and various other programmes of theirs. We have a great relationship with the City`s department of Sports and Recreation and also enjoy an especially good working relationship with JMPD and accompany them to do talks all over the region.
Vuka Skhokho have done programmes alongside SANCA and our impact also includes partnering with many NGO`s in the community as well as being very active members of the Alexandra Local Drug Action Committee (ALDAC).
We recently joined the Randburg Local Drug Action Committee and are hoping to grow our reach into region D because a large portion of our team come from Soweto and this cause is dear to them.
We have also been entirely self-funded to date.