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Walking for Lions

Walking for Lions is an NPO based on collecting funds to support various projects around Africa, to assist people with Human/Lion Conflict in areas where very little help is given. We are about to embark on 2 large campaigns to create awareness of the lions population in Africa, thus we need to collect funds as soon as possible to help support this campaign.

20 years ago, it was estimated that the Lion population around Africa was over 250 000 lions. Currently speaking, various scientists, biologist and conservationists estimate the population to be at less than 30 000 lions. That is a HUGE drop.
If you wonder how this is possible, the answers are simple. Human encroachment, Human/Lion conflict, Trophy Hunting, Lion Poisoning, Poaching, local spearing of Lions and the most recent one, is that of the market in Asia for Lion parts. This is a huge concern as the market is increasing for Lion bones as example to make Lion soup or Lion wine. It’s properties believed by Asian communities to provide medicinal remedies, which is medically unfounded.

With a 75% drop in Lion population size in just 20 years, we are going to be in for a tough fight, but one that has to be done none the less. With your fundraising, donations and assistance, we can move closer to making a difference. Most of the attention is currently on Rhino’s that are dying rapidly through poaching and thus it creates a buffer zone where almost NO publicity of Lions can come through, and this is why we need to make people start seeing what is the reality with Lions.