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Warriors Of Wildlife

We rescue & relocate abused wildlife from private zoo's, circuses and entertainment venues. All rescued animals are relocated to recognized sanctuaries specializing in their species and providing species appropriate enclosures. Currently we are rescuing lions, big cats and bears from Ukraine.

Before WOW - Warriors of Wildlife, I established The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization (LAEO) Ukraine in 2014 just after the ousting of ex-president Viktor Yanukovich. At the time all funding to non-essential government services and organizations in Ukraine was cut and it was around that time that my attention was drawn to the news that our local zoo was running out of food for the animals. And that is how it started for me and, remembering the work of Lawrence Anthony, I decided to align myself with his organization and grew from strength to strength were we are now able to continue independently but always remembering that Lawrence was our inspiration.

Below I have listed a brief description of our major achievements to date:

Provided food and medicines to the Nikolaev zoo.
Provided food, medicines and care for the animals abandoned in the ex-president’s zoo.
Supplied 6000 kgs of meat to the Taigan Safari Park in Crimea for the lions and other big cats were on the brink of starvation.
Supported local homeless dog and cat shelters in a number of cities and towns.
Built larger enclosures for 5 brown bears living in a 42m² cage and cared for them for 3 years until they could be relocated to a better facility. The 5 bears were provided with vet care, medicines and food for that period.
Built a larger enclosure for a pack of 7 wolves living in only 18m² and also cared for them until the city council was able to take over. All provided with vet care, medicines and food.
Provided care for the neglected Kherson city zoo which included bears, wolves, a monkey, an emu, raccoon dogs, a fox and a host of different birds and farm animals.
Rescued 3 brown bears from a private zoo and relocated them to the only bear sanctuary in Ukraine. We paid for rescue/relocation, medicines, vet care and sterilization.
Supplied Synevir National Park Bear Rehab center with additional fencing so they could take in more abused bears. Provided medicines and paid for dental work for the bears suffering with broken and rotten teeth.
Rescued 4 ex-circus lions from a private zoo and relocated to South Africa. We homed them in a temp enclosure for a year until they could be transported to South Africa. Very costly exercise as we had to care for them for a year (food and medical), build transport crates and fly them to South Africa in Nov 2018.
Rescued 1 brown bear from a circus where she had been performing for 19 years and living in a 3m² cage on the back of a truck when not performing. She now lives in a 400m² enclosure built by us on private ground that we rent. We care for Masha daily.
Rescued 2 brown bears from a circus. Twins, Masha and Laura, 24 years old, taken from their mother at only weeks old to be forced into circus life, living in 1.5m x 1.5m travel crates when not performing or training. They have now been relocated to the AMP Libearty - Bear Sanctuary near Zarnesti, Romania 2019.
Took possesion of 2 city zoo bears, Tinka and Alisa who are now waitng for documentation to be relocated to AMP Libearty - Bear Sanctuary near Zarnesti, Romania. We hope this will happen in the first half of 2020. They are in care, in quarantine preparing for their relocation.
Rescued and relocated 5 lions cubs from a private zoo in Ukraine to Ubuntu Wildlife Sanctuary, North West, South Africa. These cubs were also homed in a temp enclosure until the could be flown out to South Africa in Dec 2019.
Rescued and relocated 4 lions to Love Lions Alive Project in South Africa. We rescued them from a horrendous private zoo (where many animals died of starvation before we could get there), a monastery and a contact zoo and cared for them them for nearly a year before they could be flown to South Africa in Feb 2020.
April 2020. Awaiting documentation for 4 lions to be relocated from Ukraine to Love Lions Alive in South Africa. They are in are care and ready to travel with all vaccinations, ID chips and vaccinations done. We just await documentation and enough funding to fly the to South Africa.
The list of big cats just adds up and with a total of 12, including a tiger waiting for help.
Support the local government run bear sanctuary with meds, fencing, vets and dentists.
Constantly working closely with local activists and government to change the archaic animal welfare laws in Ukraine.