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A portal designed to educate and inform on the current water crisis in the Western Cape, South Africa and motivate use of water savings, grey water and non-potable water as a potential substitute to municipal water and to save the City of Cape Town scarce resources.

The funding by donors is proposed to allow us to roll out educational initiatives into the schools and informal settlements, motivating water saving tips and an awareness program that instils a knowledge about the drought and the current lack of knowledge in the poorer communities is extensive. Currently there are no incentives to save water. We are passionate about the wise use of non potable and grey water solutions as alternative sources for toilets, washing and other non essential purposes, both in industry and in the community.

Activations are aimed at the informal settlements, including but not limited to, distributing JoJo tanks with safe non-potable water, for purposes such as toilets and washing clothes and an educational roll-out to over 3 million water users within the Western Cape, of aspects relating to water saving tips, ` re-using Grey Water’ and use of potable V non-potable water.

These ‘grass-roots’ activations will be hosted in the 5 major informal settlements in the Western Cape, which will be run by volunteers where the collection and use of non-potable water will be motivated by financial rewards, competitions and other fun giveaways to include and engage with the residents. It will be a fun educational activation with music, entertainment and rewards for learning about the water crisis.