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Help Nelly Roll 200 Hippos
When Nelly Nkosi was asked why she started wearing her traditional headdress, she replied, "Now that I do not have to use my head to carry buckets of water, I can use it to wear my headdress!"
Nelly is from the town of Roosboom in the KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa. With funding from Water Rollers Africa, Nelly was one of 300 marginalized women who received a watr roller, garden tools , seeds and specialized training on how to start a homestead garden last December. She was so awestruck by the sheer power of the hippo water roller to improve the well being of her community, that she mobilized 200 of her neighbors who are now also eager to embrace the garden kits and training in food security. Water Rollers Africa has launched a campaign to raise the R500,000 project costs.
Please donate now and help Nelly bring her vision of transformation to her community.
Empower a woman. Build a community.