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WESSA is a South African environmental organisation which aims to initiate and support high impact environmental and conservation projects to promote public participation in caring for the earth. The environmental crisis that we face is directly the result of how humans live on this planet: this human centred crisis requires a human-centred response. WESSA believes that working towards meaningful and sustainable capacity building solutions together is the most effective and inclusive way of bringing about the social change required to enable individuals, communities and government to make more sustainable lifestyle and environmental management choices.

WESSA has become a leading implementer of environmental initiatives in Southern Africa, working in strategic partnerships in the critical areas of water and biodiversity, while also addressing climate change as a cross-cutting issue. These initiatives include five international eco-labels: the Eco-Schools, LEAF (Learning about Forests) and Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) programmes that involve more than 500 000 learners across nine South African provinces, the Blue Flag programme which focuses on the environmental management of beaches and coastal waters, and the Green Key Programme which works with the tourism industry supporting environmentally responsible and sustainable tourism operations. Our environmental skills training division is providing seta-accredited courses that are supporting job creation in the blue and green economy. Our projects are all focused on youth development that lead to better conservation outcomes and more sustainable use of our country's natural resources.