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We The Good People

We The Good People is a registered charity trust, formed in 2012 by Ard Matthews (Just Jinjer), Sean Temple (Founder of Flux Motion), and Alistair Hargreaves (Springbok and Sharks rugby player), 3 people from radically different spectrums of life with one goal as a collective -

To gain the trust of the public when it comes to the appropriation of charitable efforts. To be authentic in all we do.

We offer one simple rule - TRUST - as our building block.

Far too often, charitable organizations pop up with an outward appearance of doing good, when all they're in fact doing is either ripping off the public and the needy by pocketing funds, or by just not spending the money effectively or in the right places.

Our mission is to educate people to know that no matter how busy or wealthy we are, it is essential that we all give back just a tiny proportion to those in need.

This does not necessarily mean financial assistance, it can also be measured in time and effort spent on someone other than yourself. It can
mean positive press and obvious exposure to whatever cause we are following.

One of the founding ideas of the trust, amongst others, is to have an open
and transparent system whereby the public, or any other vested party, can
review audited financial accounts at any time. In addition to this, all
agendas for appropriation of funds will also be made public.

Accounts and funds will be audited and managed by a top accounting firm, Deloittes, as part of their pro-bono social investment. Our lawyers are Norton Rose, one of the top law firms in the world. for any queries regarding the trust and its registration, please contact Tessa Stuart at Norton Rose at