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Where Can I Save My Planet

You can help stop Global Warming…

Step 1 – Goto
Step 2 – Donate R72 towards the Construction of the Turbine.
Step 3 – See your name get engraved on the Tower of the Turbine forever!
Step 4 – See us get paid to generate renewable electricity for this planet.
Step 5 – Watch as we construct Wind Farms from our earnings.
Step 6 – Observe a cleaner world, because of you!

Here is the solution to Global Warming that doesn’t require hours of your time but that will ensure that your name is engrave in the history books, amongst the people who made a difference, in the war against CO2.

This is your opportunity to put up your hand and be counted, as one of those who wouldn’t stand back and let this catastrophe happen.

It is our generation who has to act.
We are responsible for our children’s future.
They are dependant, on us.

This is your opportunity to help save our planet.

Were going to build the First Public Wind Turbine in the World!

Wind energy has been proven to be one of the most effective forms of renewable energy know to mankind.

And with your donation, we are going to construct the First Public Wind Turbine (with your name planted on the Tower) in History!

Once the first Turbine is up, the money that it generates will go back into the Non-Profit-Organization until we have accumulated enough money to build the second Turbine, and then the third Turbine. The growth will be exponential and the rewards, unimaginable.

Click HERE to see what would happen if we added more Wind Turbines!

You can be apart of substantially reducing the CO2 emissions that this country produces and reaching our target of 350 ppm CO2 in our atmosphere. That is our safe zone, and that is our mission!

All of this, right in your back garden, the “Garden Route” to be precise...

Click HERE and donate R72 towards the construction of the First Public Wind Turbine in the World and have your name engraved in History, Forever!