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Wildlife Animal Rescue

The WAR rescue and rehabilitation center was established to contribute to the conservation of endangered species as well as to the preservation of our local wildlife and its rehabilitation. WAR will accommodate and rehabilitate abandoned, injured, orphaned and poisoned wildlife.
This will take place within our game reserve and each animal will be fitted with a tracking collar so they can be closely monitored for a period, until such time they have adapted and settled in to their new home. There after the collars will be removed. Those not so fortunate patients which can’t survive anymore on their own in the wild will get provided a safe, loving, and caring home in the WAR sanctuary or in facilities of trustworthy organizations and sanctuaries through formed partnerships with various organizations both in Africa and around the world. We also offer boarding facilities for wildlife from other reserves, which cannot offer special and close monitoring after surgery or any traumatic incidents.
Our permanent residents will be the ambassadors for our educational and conservation work for our visitors and volunteers from South Africa and abroad.
In the near future we also plan to develop a Membership and Online Adoption Program where animal lovers from all over the world will be able to support the conservation and rescue work of WAR, and can adopt their own little “Wild One” from one of our permanent residents. An email newsletter will also be available to our members to demonstrate what is being accomplished with their support.
WAR is also very involved in local and international wildlife rescues, with our most resent rescue being the five lions from Malawi to South Africa.
We are actively involved in relocating problem predators which pose a threat to themselves and to local farmers and their livestock. If these predators are not safely removed and relocated they are killed by the farmer with poisons or shot. Some of these predators include the leopard, caracal, serval and brown hyaena which are then removed and relocated into safe predator friendly areas.
We also help where possible with the relocation of wildlife living in very poor conditions or neglected, from zoo’s and private collections all around the world.