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Wildlife in Crisis

The Wildlife In Crisis Centre is managed by Judy. Her husband Ken passed away last December leaving Judy and her volunteers to run the center. Judy has been rehabilitating wildlife for almost 25 years and won numerous awards for her dedication.
The Centre handles about 3500-4000 cases yearly
Birds: Sparrows, Eagles, Owls, Ducks, Geese to Bustards
Mammals: Vlei Rats, Dassies, Duikers, Serval Cats, Otters, Mongoose, Genets etc...
Reptiles: Chameleons, Monitor Lizards, tortoises and Snakes
Our permits allow us to work with animals up to the size of a wildebeest, and includes Endangered and TOP species (Threatened or Protected Species).
Why we do what we do
For the love of our wildlife is the easy answer, but there is no greater reward than putting an animal back into wild after successful rehabilitation of their injuries or disease. We do our utmost to undo any damage caused by man and his harsh carbon footprint. We try and educate our future generations to ensure there is a tomorrow for many of the species that are already endangered, or those that are killed due to misinformation and superstition. Our education programme Eco-Kids was started in May this year and has been a huge success. In this programme we have introduced our kids to Plants, Wildlife, Recycling and the world around them. We have had a big come back every time a new theme is advertised. This programme will continue into 2017 and beyond.It is such an honour to work so closely with our magnificent wildlife and will continue this honour for many years to come.