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Wildlife Wizards Africa NPO

There are three (3) main areas of concern, that our development programs will address: 1. The lack of cultural-historical awareness programs and cultural-historical villages, which are resulting in the alarming rate at which local African culture, customs, and traditions are disappearing from rural villages, 2. The lack of wildlife and nature conservation awareness programs in rural villages, results in the destruction of Fauna and Flora in and around rural black villages. 3. The lack of black representation of Safari and Nature guide trainers, Safari and nature guide assessors, and Safari guide training providers. Over the past 30 years, the mainstream Safari and Nature guide training providers produced only 1 black Safari guide assessor and zero black-owned training providers! Our program aims to produce between 12 -22 black safari guide trainers and assessors as well as at least 6 black-owned Safari Guide training providers within our first 10 years!