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Winelands Fire Protection Association

We at the Cape Winelands Fire Protection Association develop and apply an integrated veld fire management strategy for the Cape Winelands district. This includes risk management identification, mitigation measures, organizing training of members and staff in wildfire firefighting, management and prevention. We also aim to offer services, training and support for communities in their efforts to manage and control veld fires.

It is important to identify high fire risk areas within the Cape Winelands District and mitigate that risk where possible, as well as assist the Cape Winelands District Municipality and landowners in the incident command at wildfires. We aid landowners in terms of creating firebreaks to reduce fire risk on their property and within their area. By assisting the community in terms of coordinating invasive alien plants clearing, reduces the fire risks significantly. We strive to protect the endangered plant and animal species, where possible, to ensure a well-balanced eco-system within our area of operation.

Our mission as the WFPA is to ensure that our members have not just a strong, but united voice, in the fire fraternity through unity in leadership, action, education, training and quality member service that we aim to provide. Our vision is to be a leader in terms of providing fire prevention and natural resources protection plans within our community. We strive to build strong relationships and consistent collaborations with our regional partners, support agencies and our members, in order to minimize the damage from wildfires. We are committed to the safety and well-being of the public, firefighters and our members.

We aim to improve our service to our community and members in general by having more resources and equipment available for us to do so. By having more money to use on resources to create fire breaks and clearing of alien plants, we will be able to prevent wildfires from creating devastation to lives and property. We would like to focus on creating more awareness with the public, by being more visible within our district.

We believe our project will benefit a large number of people and role players within the Cape Winelands district and the surrounding mountain catchment areas of the Western Cape socially, environmentally and economically. We strive to passionately serve our community and with the help of your yourself/organization, you will empower us to do so.