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Wollies Animal Shelter

Wollies Animal Shelter

Wollies Animal Shelter is a registered non-profit organization and does not receive any government or other funding. We are situated in Pretoria North and take in neglected, abused and abandoned animals, we care for them until we manage to find homes for them.

• Currently we have 450 dogs and 100 cats in our care.

• At Wollies we have our own SAVA Community Veterinary Clinic (CVC), to assist and help the less fortunate communities & pensioners that are not able to afford the normal costs at more reasonable rates. To provide primary veterinary health care which include vaccinations, deworming, dip and sterilizations for domestic animals.

• Apart from the shelter, Wollies has a sterilization project that we are extremely passionate about. We assist the community and surrounds to get their animals sterilized free of charge or at very reasonable rates.

• If we could educate people on the benefits of sterilization so many other problems would be avoided like over population of animals, less abandoned abused and homeless animals.

• We do a lot of fundraising and also rely on the public for donations for the sake of all our animals.

• We had a successful sterilization drive in 4 informal settlements north of Pretoria. Public assistance in this project ensures that quite a lot of desperate animals have a place of safety, get food, lots of love and a warm bed to sleep in.