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WoMin, launched in October 2013, is the sole alliance in Africa which holds deep and wide analysis, knowledge, and expertise about the gendered impacts of the extractives industries in the continent. In the past two years, WoMin has built rapidly through participatory action research with allies in nine countries, support to in-country solidarity exchanges involving at least two hundred women activists, advocacy platforms coinciding with Africa-wide meetings, sub-regional study tours and exchanges, and Africa-wide meetings and trainings. We now enjoy working relationships with more than forty organisations in fifteen countries in the region bridging three sub-regions: Southern, East and West Africa. We also work with allies at the regional and international levels. Our allies are a mix of environmental and climate justice, women’s rights, land, and natural resource organisations.

WoMin has been hosted by the International Alliance on Natural Resources in Africa (IANRA) since its inception, but is now registered as a separate organisation and has been operating as such since the end of September 2015. Our unique expertise and established work on the question of economic justice for African women places us in an extremely strategic position to make unique contributions to the women’s movement in Africa.

WoMin works on three major themes at this time: (a) Fossil Fuels Energy and Climate Justice, (b) Consent and democratised socio-economic decision-making, and (c) Extractivism, militarisation and violence against women. Our capacity and alliance building work includes a film about the destructive impacts of the extractives industries and women's development alternatives and women's movement building schools.
In turn, it posits unique and refreshingly relevant proposals around the developmental changes needed from a combined African, feminist, economic and eco/climate justice perspective.