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Woza Moya

The Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust (HACT) is a faith-based, multi-faceted, non-profit organisation in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. HACT was started 25 years ago with the Hillcrest Methodist Church. HACT attempts to address the impact of the devastating HIV/AIDS pandemic in South Africa in a practical and holistic way. The mission of the organization is and always has been to show unconditional love to all those impacted by HIV/AIDS in a practical way. All aspects of the HACT project have arisen out of an observed need. That is, where a need has been witnessed, a plan has been put in place to attempt to meet the need in a way that uplifts and empowers, rather than judges and demoralises.
Some of the projects that are run by HACT are our; Gogo support groups, our Horticulture income generation project ‘Gardens of hope’, our craft income generation project Woza Moya, our home-based carers, school fee fund, feeding scheme, 24 bed respite unit, HIV/AIDS testing and counselling, our OVC (Orphaned and Vulnerable Child) program, our clothing scheme, second-hand book shop and life skills training at community schools.

Woza Moya is the income generation project of the Hillcrest AIDS Centre. Started in 2002 with 5 beaders making AIDS ribbons at our local church we now support more than 350 crafters most of whom have 5-10 dependants. All the crafters have come to us through the Hillcrest AIDS Centre’s home-based carers that serve in the Valley of 1000 Hills. Once the men and women are enrolled with Woza Moya we train them in beadwork or sewing.
Every week the crafters sell us their crafts, everything from beadwork, wirework, woodwork and even crochet! By selling us their crafts the crafters become self-empowered and self-employed. We have found that by being financially secure it gives our crafters hope and the luxury of looking to the future; because of this they take ownership of their disease and fight to stay healthy.
Woza Moya is dedicated to our crafters and to our customers, we are careful to only take in work of a high quality and to give on-going training to our crafters so the standard is met and kept and they can be proud of the work they bring in. Woza Moya encourages the crafters to come up with new, creative ideas and, as much as possible, for the crafters to set their own prices. Woza Moya has a very special relationship with each crafter and takes care of each individual. The sale from their crafts is the only source of income for close to 95% of our 350 crafters. Every item bought from us has already helped to empower, uplift and inspire and to give hope to a family in need.