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WPS Care and Rescue

Our mission is to bring an end to the abuse and neglect of small exotic monkeys – caused by general public unawareness and the prolific increase in the keeping, breeding and trading of exotic animals for the predominantly ignorant and un-legislated pet industry. In order to accomplish this our focus is on Specialized Care and Education.

These small exotic monkeys are not domesticated animals. They are wild animals and have special physical, emotional and mental needs, which cannot be catered to in general domestic conditions. We focus on Specialized Care through our Sanctuary & Care Centre, Health & Wellness Checks,Temporary Care Solutions and Emergency Rescue.

While the Sanctuary will never turn away an abused, neglected, unwanted small exotic monkey or any monkey should it be in need or distress, we strongly feel that the only way to stop this vicious cycle is through education. Which we achieve through our School Talks Educational Program and our Intern / Student Program