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West Rand Lutheran Community Church

We are a community church. Youth and children's groups and groups for adults and seniors enrich the life of the congregation. Multicultural Worship services and children's church are held both in English and German every Sunday.

In the congregations Westrand Joyland Nursery School and Aftercare Center children between the ages of 3 and 6 are well prepared for school and also get a sound foundation for life as a whole.

In 2009 Riverbank Primary School opened its doors for the first time. Through the primary school we are able to continue to build onto the pre-primary foundation of our children.

The foundation of our world is the faith in the only God. God is our Father and creator; Jesus Christ (the visible expression of the invisible God) His only begotten Son is our Lord and Saviour; the Holy Spirit of God is our counselor. Jesus Christ is our head, the Word of God and our foundation.

As people from all walks of life we want to grow in the Good News of Jesus Christ and share each other's joys and sorrows.