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West Rand Youth Development is a Non Profit Organization that aims to empower the youth through skills development opportunities. We do not only work for the youth, also we have community based initiatives that empower the entire community. Activities we have on our organisation are divided into three pillars system.
• The first pillar is our Advice & Referral centre. The centre works as an information centre and has an ICT resource centre. We have beneficiaries that come in on a daily basis that we give information through our information centre and we also refer them to relevant points that they will receive assistance. Also we offer services such as Entrepreneurial assistance, assistance in job place placement, empowerment & awareness, computer training course and help school learners with school assignments.
• The second pillar is our Skills Development. We run workshop programs that equip our beneficiaries with information that will be assistant to their development. The workshops are Job preparation, goal setting, leadership and time management, Basic Computer Skills and Plumbing, Bricklaying and Plastering.
• The final pillar that have and use to empower the youth in our community are Social Programs. These programs that we run are to raise awareness to teenage pregnancy, crime, substance abuse and HIV/AIDS.