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Wynberg Society for the Aged

The Wynberg Society for the Aged was founded in 1961 with the specific aim of working for the welfare and upliftment of the Aged in the Retreat/Steenberg and surrounding areas. The Society immediate embarked on an ambitious campaign to raise funds for the building a suitable old age facility in the local community.
This goal was finally realized in 1968 when funding was received from the estate of the late Mr. Douglas Murray , founder member of Murray and Roberts Construction Company, who had bequeathed funds in his will specifically for the benefit of the local 'Coloured' Aged on the Cape Flats.
The Douglas Murray Home for the Aged(DMH) was eventually established in 1969 and is currently providing residential care for approximately 70 elderly and frail residents on a 24/7 basis. The home draws most of its clients from the surrounding poor communities. The vision for DMH is to operate and maintain a frail care center where care is delivered by trained staff and characterized by quality and affordability, with compassion, respect and dignity for all.