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Xaveri South Africa

We support refugees who are changing lives in their communities.
Xaveri believes in sustainable solutions to break the circle of perpetual aid. Our work puts refugees at the center of these solutions and provides the tools for refugees themselves to positively transform their communities. Although the communities we partner with face overwhelming obstacles, their members have the same energy, hope, and tenacity as anyone else.

Solutions exist. We share them to change as many lives as possible.
We identify and document the ideas that are solving challenges refugees face in the country, and share them with our global network of NGOs, refugee-led organizations, and academics.

We work for a world in which refugees’ voices shape the policies that impact their lives.

We hear many individual refugee stories in the media but rarely do we hear their community aspirations and policy aims. We provide a platform for refugee leaders to speak on behalf of their communities and shape the policy decisions that impact their lives every day.