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YCD Federation

Young Community Developer Federation is a registered Non-Profit Organization aiming at enabled bear minimum positive social activities amongst the youth living in rural and poverty stricken areas. The limited education levels existing in these areas and the non-existence of basic infrastructure to positively and promote social activities within these areas ultimately results to the upbringing of a below average mindset of the youth existing in these communities. The are a number of identified challenges in such areas that are perceived to be more essential and rather urgent such as basic access to running water, electricity, road construction, etc. But eliminating the development of social skills of the youth existing in these areas from the priority list, mainly leads to the creation of more poverty stricken areas for the government to rollout basic essential services to. Young Community Developer Federation aims to generally elevate self-awareness and responsibility levels amongst the youth existing in such areas by providing social activities and programs that engage the participating youth mentally to stimulate positivity within their minds. South Africa is one of the countries considered to be fast developing in terms of infrastructure building, health care facilities, basic educational facilities, tourism, etc. with an agenda of creating jobs for the public and restoring pride in our nation. Unfortunately government allocated resources are limited and certain poverty stricken areas are left unattended due to a number of understandable different reasons, as a result assistance from the public has been deemed crucial by the current government in resolving such challenges. Challenges facing the youth in poverty stricken areas are rife considering the state of South Africa’s economy and most importantly, our history. HIV/Aids, drugs, teenage pregnancy, unemployment, poverty and access to basic education are predominantly the course of the crippled youth existence in our society and the result being the re-birth of crime & drug syndicates, unfit parents, illiteracy, increase in the unemployment rate and teenage deaths to name only a few. This is not what democracy was supposed to bring to our people and the nation at large. “The future is in the hands of the youth”, this statement to some may be considered to be a cliché and representing a future very far from today, unfortunately the future that we are referring too, when we are using this statement as YCD Federation, is today. This is mainly because the communities that we live in are already victims of crimes and drug abuse instituted by the very same youth, this then can only reveal a far worse situation going forward, especially when considering their educational qualification levels.

Detailed in this document is a proposal to your organization/company/ government department which is operating within the borders of South Africa. The proposal details the type of assistance required by our registered Non-Profit Organization in its mission of ensuring the development of positive mindsets of the under privileged South African youth through social and general knowledge education, sports, arts & culture development activities and programs. Furthermore the proposal details the type of infrastructure and resources required to enable the running of these programs in identified underprivileged communities. YCD Federation believes that the proposed social developments within our communities are as essential as the needs for basic running water; basic health facilities and development to any of the above should run in parallel.
YCD Federation it is a certified NPO governed by its constitution that fully complies with all Government regulations regarding its existence and involvement in Community based Projects, Programs and Activities.