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YELP Yield Equality to Letdown Pets

YELP Yield Equality to Letdown Pets

Our main aims are:

Providing education on animal welfare and specifically responsible pet care in previously disadvantage areas to ensure that pet owners in these areas are aware of the special needs and requirements that their pets might have.

Providing education to our pet owners of the future by giving talks and providing subject, age and language related information and material to schools and youth groups.

Providing education through pet advice factsheets. Everything from choosing the right pet through to more specific information about your animal's health, behaviour and the care it requires.

Assisting established NPOs with fundraising. Our Petsday® event provides a platform for welfare organisations and animal rescues to take part in this annual event and to generate funding. Yelp provides a central marketing campaign and all NPOs are provided with free promotional and marketing materials and assistance, where needed.