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Yeshiva College Schools of South Africa

At Yeshiva College, we are driven by a passion for Torah learning and living. We focus on academic excellence evident in our consistently outstanding matric results and 100% pass rate. Zionism and a deep commitment to the People, Land and State of Israel are at the heart of our ethos. Sport is central to our curriculum and Yeshiva continues to excel across all sporting arenas.

Our mission is to create a nurturing environment in which the school partners with parents to provide excellence in Torah Chinuch (education) and General Studies, in order to prepare children for life and its responsibilities as Torah Jews, with values in line with the core values of our school.

Yeshiva’s vibrant, warm and energetic culture focuses on educating the whole person, nurturing individuality and leadership qualities of each and every student.

The result: a value based, well-rounded and confident individual equipped to face the challenges of life ahead.

Established 1953
Private and independent
Located Glenhazel, Johannesburg
Over 900 pupils
170 staff members
Playschool; Pre-primary school; Primary school: Girls high school; Boys high school