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1. To develop youth holistically through the medium of Sport, Recreation and Dance: known as Objective 1: “Sports Code”.

2. To impart life skills through an after school program where youth can interact with their peers: known as Objective 2 “After School Activity Code”.

3. Assisting youth in their scholastic responsibilities in a supervised and secure environment by overseeing with homework and learning difficulties: known as Objective 3 “Afterschool Educational Assistance Code”.

4. To introduce a preventative strategy to encourage youth to engage in positive activities to escape social ills such as substance abuse, teenage pregnancies, gangsterism, as well as granting assistance to child headed homes: known as Objective 4 “Development of Social Skills and Interaction Code”.

5. To form partnerships with Local, National as well as International programs for exposure to and subsequent integration of our youth to all walks of life into diverse cultures: known as Objective 5 “Integration Code”.


Objective 1 – The Sports Code

Sport – Being the universal method of interaction in all walks of life, we use this as the focus of attraction to engage and ensure the participation of the youth.
Through professional trained coaching, these youngsters will be trained in various sports codes i.e. netball, table tennis, athletics, swimming, soccer, cross country running, indoor cricket, chess and various dance disciplines.

Objective 2 – The After School Activity Code

YEZ identifies the period between school hours and that when peers return from work as the most lethal idle time that youth has on their hands where they can easily be distracted.
Through this code youth will be occupied within the various programs which will run from 14h30 to 18h00 during school days as well as full days during school holidays and Saturdays
Programs will comprise of Life Skills – training programs which includes but not limited to an in depth and detailed curriculum to help young adults succeed and survive in the adult world.

Objective 3 – The After School Educational Assistance Code

YEZ recognizes the short comings easy unidentified within the school education system and intends to fill this vacuum through supplementary educational assistance.
Qualified teachers will actively arrange and bridge this gap through supplementary teaching AND ensuring homework is attended to.

Objective 4 – The Development of Social Skills and Interaction Code

Within this code the ability to interact in different situations and on various platforms will be advanced through a structured program suiting the different needs on an individual to individual basis. Attention to preventative strategies – the aim is that youth will be able to deal with the socially unacceptable distractions they face on a daily bases such as drug abuse, crime and the like.

Objective 5 – The Integration Code

As a final phase of integration through this code the skills developed through the various codes, will be implemented within the various interactions on the different levels of integration, growing into independence where as an adult they will be guided to be able to contribute and plough back to society the skills developed as a future mentor.
For this purpose, YEZ intends to form partnerships with learning institutions and assist unemployed youth by enrolling them in tertiary institutions, nurturing and train them to become active role models in their community.

In brief, the above codes are a summary of the primary immediate objectives of YEZ.

As secondary objective, YEZ has identified the need to extend this program within the communities and further its involvement to identified households.
This all in cumbersome program is however penciled to take effect within the immediate future/ or as soon as our infrastructure permits through willing and committed partners.


1) Social Developement (Social Worker - Pamela Wilkins)
2) Hass & Associates Attorneys
3) Dr. Miriam Sinclair
4) Dr. Sunny Moodley
5) Ward Councilor Jacky Visser
6) Lazar Civil’s
7) Holy Cross Belhar
8) St. Augustine’s School