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Youth for Christ KwaZulu-Natal

Who is YFC?

Youth for Christ believes that every child is precious and wonderfully made by God, and deserves to live a life filled with hope and purpose, despite their socio-economic realities. Our belief enthuses us to give HOPE to children, youth and their families within schools, communities, directly on the streets, in shelters and provide training to young adults. We target poverty stricken communities and those who live on the edges of society, who feel hopeless, helpless and unlovable. Some of the issues addressed through the projects are: poverty, dysfunctional families, abuse, unemployment, gender inequality, street life and its addiction, economic strengthening and skills development and training. YFC comes alongside people, presenting them with opportunities for their holistic development – mental, social, physical and spiritual development. We aspire that we live and serve people in ways that are relevant and accessible to them, taking our example from Christ.

YFC/KZN is affiliated to our national body – Youth for Christ South Africa which started in 1946. There are YFC centres in 5 provinces in South Africa, and in more than 100 nations. The work of YFC in KwaZulu Natal began in the early 80s and has grown as we address the needs and problems of young people, focusing specifically on the underprivileged. YFC/KZN operates from Pietermaritzburg and Durban. The organisation possesses deep Christian spiritual and evangelistic roots and through the many years had to identify how to live and preach Christ in a way that young people can absorb and relate to. Youth for Christ has learnt a tremendous amount about what works and what does not work in social and youth evangelism in South Africa. What effectively reaches youth and what clearly does not! It is an organisation rich in its learning experience, with much to share with Christian and Non-Christian youth and other organisation alike.

The purpose of Youth for Christ/KZN

Youth for Christ KwaZulu Natal brings hope to children and youth in and from disadvantaged communities by creating opportunities for holistic development. This includes giving every young person it comes into contact with an opportunity to become a follower of Jesus Christ.