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Youth Empowerment Organisation

Thusangwanageno is an initiative of the Youth Empowerment Organization non-profit organization registration NPO 050-505. Thusangwanageno (Help your brethren) is an initiative that seeks to assist the disadvantaged youth with education related matters. The initiative has assisted more than 500 students with registration and tuition fees. The organization donated mini-libraries to various schools, assisted schools with covering of learnerís books and also assisted students with learners and driverís license. Members are largely graduates from various universities. The organization survives through donations from its members, individuals and companies. Registration and Tuition fees
The organization assist disadvantaged students with registration and tuition fees. Students apply through our website and complete a form. The selection committee then decide on students to be granted assistance looking at their criteria. Once the committee agreed, they pay directly to the institutions. Most of the money that goes to universities is raised at the intersections (robots). Depending on the particular money raised, the committee allocates according to the affordability of the organization.
The organization donates mini-libraries and refurbish existing libraries in different schools. This is done to promote culture of reading in the society. Schools may apply for their schools to be refurbished or for donation of a mini-library. Reitumetse High School and Kgomotso High School were donated mini-libraries. Public members may donate books to advance this wonderful initiative.
Covering of Books
The organization covers books for learners in various schools. Members also teach learners how to cover their own books. The initiative has been done in almost parts of South Africa.
License for student
The organization assist students with learners and driverís license and this is done to ensure that when a student completes their degree has a driverís license. The organization has assisted more than 80 students with driverís licenses.