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Youth With Diabetes (YWD)

Youth With Diabetes (YWD)

YWD is a well equipped, ambitious and experiential organisation which was started BY youth living with diabetes FOR youth living with diabetes.

We are unique in that our organisation comes from the experience of the youth who know what is needed.

We focus on ,"Peer to peer influence" and are run by the youth and guided by an NEC committee comprising of industry professionals

Our slogan encapsulates our positive attitude,"Life can be sweet"

We cater for the youth living with diabetes through experiential weekend camps, Fun days, Diabetes events, Provision of educational materials and medications to contribute to a sweeter life for young diabetics.

To date since inception in late 2005 we have hosted over 45 camps nationwide, contributed to 1440 lives and engaged in Diabetes Youth Leader training and business/project training workshops to empower the youth to carry out their vision